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Our Methodology

We believe nonprofit staff are in the best position to decide what support their organization needs.


Our platform and service is centered around the nonprofit experience. We connect with our nonprofit community daily to advise on projects, deliver webinars and info sessions, and ask for feedback on new product ideas.


We use data to ensure that projects meet nonprofit needs, and that we have ample volunteer talent to drive high-quality engagements. We share trends and insights with our partners to demonstrate efficacy and inform the development of grantmaking initiatives.

The Power of Choice

We believe that nonprofits know their needs best, and that the power to choose leads to successful outcomes. Nonprofits decide what to do from our menu of 150+ distinct projects and calls, and select volunteers based on applications and interviews.

Agile Mindset

We are constantly innovating to better serve the nonprofit community. This is evident in our ever-evolving project menu, our growing webinar series around timely topics, and the research we publish to share our learnings.

Our Impact

We've matched volunteers on 40,000+ skills-based projects so far, and we're just getting started!


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We Believe


Every individual has the power to effect positive social change, and we can create a world where it is commonplace to serve for the greater good.


Real change happens when we connect with each other, invest in community, and equip nonprofits with the tools they need to achieve their missions.


We must actively work on building a workplace, community, and society where all people - despite differences - are welcomed, respected, and valued

What We Do

Powered by a data-driven technology platform, Catchafire facilitates the free flow of volunteer talent into the social impact sector, helping social good organizations easily access the expert help they need, when they need it.

We partner with foundations, companies, and grantmakers to connect nonprofits and social good organizations with skilled volunteers. Our programs are focused on addressing the wide range of operational needs that allow organizations to work more effectively, expand their reach and impact, and ultimately better achieve their missions.

In partnership with funders seeking new, scalable, and more equitable ways to support nonprofit effectiveness, we’re working to empower thousands of nonprofits across entire regions and cause areas with Catchafire’s capacity-building solution.

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