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Besides sponsoring or contributing to one of our ongoing projects, there are a multitude of other ways you can be involved with GBF to assist the progression of our mission in Liberia! As a student leader in your organization on campus, a high school student, a fabulous working mom, or a fashionista in the nation’s capital, GBF could use your help in raising funds for our various projects. Want to do more than just contribute to a project? Why don’t you host an event in your hometown?

Call up your most posh local diner or restaurant, the most chic bar in your city, or the most fabulous location of them all – your home– and throw GBF a fundraising event with your personal twist! We would love to see variety of cool people, like you, all over the nation making a small difference by hosting themed events!

If you, your group of friends, or your organization, are up for the challenge, download the “Host An Event Package” that will get you started. Then, send Caroline Dennis, our In‐House Event Coordinator an email at CarolineD@gbomaibestmanfoundation.org about the details of your event and the invite and we’ll be sure to put it out there in the universe and cheer you on as the big night approaches via twitter! 

If you’re still having doubts about hosting an event, consider your situation below:

  1. You may be graduating this year or the next year. What do you want to be remembered for? Better yet, what do you want to contribute to the world? You can start right here with hosting an event with GBF and inspire your high school pals, college friends, or organization to think about the world beyond what their eyes can see!
  2. You’re part of DC’s elite group of do‐gooders + innovators + mavericks. You already know what it takes and what it means to start a trend – so make hosting suave cause events a trend this year! It will be the most meaningful trend you’ve ever started!
  3. You’re just discovering that you’re a humanitarian at heart. So are members of the GBF Team, we welcome you to the club ‐ initiation begins with hosting an event. Knowing that you’ve raised funds for a mom and child that need your help halfway around the world will give you the most fulfilled feeling! Trust us, we know!
  4. You’re the Madonna of event planning and are known as the “hostesses with mostesses” with your friends. This is your chance to host an event that really counts and can give back to the world ten‐fold. Because when we help women, we boost the world just a little bit more!
  5. You’re a mom within a fabulous circle of other mom friends. As exceptional mothers alone, or balancing both motherhood and a career, you all are the definition of women power! GBF needs that energy to pilot our mission – host an event!

    Host an Event Package (PDF)
    GBF Brochure (PDF)

We can’t thank our core volunteer staff for their continuous hard work, energy, and passion, they put into materializing the GBF mission & vision. We can assure that service is one of the most rewarding gifts one can give the world and one’s self – become a GBF volunteer! As we are always looking for new volunteers, do not hesitate to contact our Volunteer Coordinator, JerushaF@gbomaibestmanfoundation.orgto offer your time or talents.

Specifically, we could use the talents of an in‐house photographer, and students with fresh ideas. We would also appreciate the help of independent consultants in the areas of pr, marketing, and web development. If this is you or a friend, contact us to get your hands in the cause! We would love to add you to the team!

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